What E-Commerce Promises for the UAE in the Future ?

The internet is revolutionizing the financial sector in many more ways than one. Besides the fact that we have more kinds of currencies due to online ones coming into existence, we also have a wide array of payment methods at our disposal. The internet has given people the ability and freedom to buy whatever they want whenever they want, from wherever they want. With e-commerce solution on the rise every single year, people can now choose a number of ways to interact with online businesses and make the most of them with ease. How the Internet Has Changed Things The internet is a powerful tool and happens to be the tool most innovations these days are based around. The internet offers numerous opportunities for each and every social sector to make the most of and expand. On the financial side of things, the internet brings with some revolutionary financial technologies (knows as fintech). E-commerce typically means making dealings through the internet instead of dealing with traditional means of business. It is the flow of money and goods via online channels. With e-commerce solutions you do not need to physically be present at any place in order to get the goods you need and pay for them in physical money. How Mobiles Have Changed Things Mobile phones are perhaps the most popular electronic device in the entire world currently. The limitless features they offer allow society to take care of many tasks at any moment in time. They can be on the road and be doing business through some application, or checking the stock market at any time from any place. Mobile phones have provided people with the flexibility of carrying out their business and taking care of it from their very homes. Beyond that it has also affected the service and retail industries, with many people accessing both using their phones and utilizing e-commerce along the way. How Do Both Come Together? Mobile phones are highly popular and highly prevalent as well. By the year 2020, from 4.7 to 6.6 billion smartphones will have internet capabilities, while more than 3.8 billion people will join the internet grid and start using it. This means nearly 4 billion people accessing the internet, while a huge fraction of them utilizing their phones to make use of the internet. It’s a mammoth number of people operating on mobile phones every single day. The mobile phone users offers a huge pool for businesses to make the most of using e-commerce solutions. As technology leads to an increased opportunity for e-commerce development, the industry churns out a huge number of products and services related to this sector. Just last year, the total amount of e-commerce spending in business to consumer (B2C) sector topped $3.8 trillion. The huge number shows just how enormous the e-commerce development industry is becoming and how much it matters in the modern world. E-commerce development Dubai is rapidly making its way into every single industry and every single sector of the business world, and there is nothing that can possibly curb its growth at the moment. Instead, every single coming technological innovation will instead impact the e-commerce sector in a positive way. As internet capabilities improve and functionalities increase, more and more people will begin using the internet as their primary source of practically everything. Moreover, mobile phones are the devices that are benefiting most from it. Since the internet allows people to take care of so many things, why not take care of them while on the move? With mobile phones and the internet, people feel empowered to do as they please. And companies are aware of just how much power the public currently has because of the two. What we are getting are attempts made by businesses to make the most of the ballooning internet use with fresh and efficient e-commerce development Dubai solutions. How the E-Commerce Industry is Developing in the Dubai Dubai has the fastest growing e-commerce development Dubai industry in the entire Middle East. The Dubai is strictly focusing on developing e-commerce solutions that are not just thorough but highly efficient as well. They feel that expanding their e-commerce sector can help them with a wide variety of aspects ranging from tourism to economic growth. Moreover, with the huge influx of money to the Dubai, and the huge amounts that go out, an e-commerce net needs to be developed there. The e-commerce solutions required in the Dubai are thus being developed as we speak, and already they are showing a huge influence. According to expectations, the total business done through e-commerce means at the end of 2018 should amount to nearly $10 billion. It’s a mammoth sum for a country that has only recently began venturing into the e-commerce technology and started experimenting with it. The number shows just how focused the Dubai’s economy policy is towards e-commerce development Dubai and how hard they have worked to make it grow as quick as it has. The Dubai shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. With the World Cup scheduled in Qatar in 2022, you can expect the entire Middle East to be on alert and working on manufacturing as many e-commerce products and services as they can. Far ahead of the pack will be the Dubai. Having already successfully integrated e-commerce development Dubai and reaping the benefits from that, you can expect the Dubai to further expand on this in the next four years. By being far ahead of their Middle Eastern competitors during the World Cup, Dubai can profit immensely by the interest from tourists amongst others. The future seems to be highly promising for the Dubai’s e-commerce industry and they are making policies to get the most out of the forthcoming prospect. In the end, e-commerce is the future, and the quickly UAE joins to get the most from it, the better.

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Selling and buying have been in the nature of human beings since the dawn of the civilization. We’ve indulged in trading something for something and in the midst of all of that, marketing has taken birth and has evolved to its present state normally referred to as internet marketing. That is one of the many fruits of technology we’ve reaped.
In this article, we are going to see how inbound or internet marketing has transformed the industries over time, and how has the inclusion of social media been doing in accelerating that change.

The era of outbound marketing
It is worthwhile for us to know a little about the outbound marketing before we jump into the details of this article. Outbound marketing is the name given to the marketing strategies that involve radio, TV, newspaper ads, billboards, magazine commercials, and everything out there that has no connection with your internet and that is more related to the things you are served with rather than you searching for them.
For many businesses, outbound marketing still has a major role in their marketing strategies. However, since the change has taken place and further amendments are coming, they’d have to steer clear to inbound marketing and change the course of their strategies in that direction. This is because internet marketing is here to stay and evolve into the all-in-all faction we foresee.
So, even if you don’t like to come onboard inbound marketing, you’d still have to because the world is moving fast and you wouldn’t want to stay behind your competitors. The era of outbound marketing is about to die a slow death.

Social Media
It all started in 2004 when the world saw the gradual dawn of social media. Now as we look at it, it has evolved into the necessary ingredient of the marketing strategy of any company. Owing to this, more than 50 million businesses are currently operating on Facebook and the numbers are as big as this one on other social media portals like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
It is obvious that every big and small business has an online presence through these portals. This is because their efforts are paying off in terms of establishing a fruitful relationship with their consumers. They are coming to know of their reputation out there. And through special analytical tools, they are getting insights into the behavior of their customers, which, in turn, is supporting their change to suit the requirements of the cut-throat competition.

Search Engines
Would you like to receive blanket messages about different products you don’t even use or would you simply like to research the product you specifically need? Like most of the people, you’d prefer the later and that’s where search engines come.
Google and the likes of it are the search engines that deliver content and information to over 100 billion searches per month. So, when people visit the websites listed on the organic search, they face inbound marketing at its best.
For those websites, lead generation, content marketing, keyword research mean a lot and these are some of the areas of inbound marketing that needs to be explored by every other business. With these, referrals, customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and testimonials also work wonders.
As the internet marketing is taking new shapes and turns, new techniques are being explored and with all of what we said about the search engines and their role in inbound marketing, the recent addition of video production has accelerated things for the best. Now, as we see it, customers are keener on seeing a video about the product in question rather than read about it. And this is the sole reason why you need to revamp your business website.

According to Google, mobile dominates the pie chart of most searches on the search engine. That means more and more mobile devices are being used by people to extract information from the internet and make decisions. This is the scenario of the whole world and thus, there is no question of not adapting your website to the mobile versions of browsers – technically called mobile optimization.

Content – The reigning king
Content is the backbone of internet marketing. It does not matter what kind of content your website holds – be it video, text, infographics, or whatsoever – all of it needs to be consumer-centric and should answer all of their questions in detail about your business and your products. This is because consumers all over the world search for information themselves and when they land on your website because of your SEO efforts, the first thing that will greet them is your content.
Therefore, it has become indispensable for every business to invest in their content creation and marketing. Opening up your own blog on the sidelines of your website can be a good start. Fresh new content added to it daily, weekly, or monthly can have an enormous effect on the decisions of your customers.
As we said, the content of your website can be anything and recently, due to the rise of the video production services and its facets called 360 video, VR, and whatnot, it has taken internet marketing to a whole new level. Couple the impact and reach of social media with it and what you get is a thoroughly effective campaign set up to take your company to new heights.

The overall transformation
Internet marketing and social media combined have revamped the sales cycle of industries completely. Marketers have cleverly and slowly steered clear of all the notorious outbound strategies like cold-calling or buying customer lists and have entered the era of attracting leads and turning them into loyal buyers.
That inevitably has pushed the sales teams to a later stage in the sales funnel where they only appear on the scene when customers need help with their decisions.
As the outbound marketing techniques are dying a slow death, inbound marketing is taking their place. In all of these aspects, if you truly want to succeed and become a part of the change, you will have to embrace it.

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Latest SEO strategies for 2019?

If you really want to make your website, blogs and business popular on internet world, so these strategies will help you to be ahead and top on the search engine result page. I make some predictions according to latest announcements.

That is:

User Experience Signals:

We all know that Google makes everything to serve users, so you have to pay attentions to user experience signals as:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Organic CTR
  • Location
  • Source of Medium

There are some techniques to improve them:

  • Optimize Meta tags and Descriptions for better search resealts
  • Use long tail keywords that easy to get optimized
  • Improve page load speed

Make Video Content  

According to the latest research, video content will take around 75% of all internet traffic by 2022. So if you still not get it, think about it now. I suggest make video content with your text articles, and remember that YouTube video also be SEO optimized.

Mobile User

Nowadays around 60-70% of searches on Google coming from mobile phones. That’s why Google has already made changes into algorithm for mobile first indexing and make mobile friendly features, if you are thinking to make a websites so make sure its mobile friendly or not.

Voice Search

Nowadays people prefer more and more to using voice commands like Alexa, Siri, Google voice search. so some predictions according to people behavior future demand and you have to ready for it, this will undoubtedly continue to become more intelligent, accurate and responsive.