How to get more backlinks to my website

How to get more backlinks to my website

Well, linking is very easy, write good articles and submit to the article submissions site, and get backlink from the external site. This is the best way to get backlinks, I will tell you in this article how we can easily get high quality backlinks.

Firstly, let’s keyword analysis to see which keyword is the highest traffic, with fewer competition.Use Keyword Planner for keyword selection

Use Keyword Planner for keyword selection

How to find right keywords for my website? Keyword Planner is a type of tool that helps us choose the right keywords, If you are new in this game, then you should select long tail keyword because long tail keywords have less competition, which is easy to come up.

  • Just go to Google Ads
  • Create an account
  • Login account
  • Find tools button
  • Click on Keyword Planner
  • Click on find new keywords
  • You will find search box here, you need to enter the related  keywords
  • Get Started
  • Download Keyword ideas
  • After clicking, you will get an excel sheet, open it and filter out low competition with high search volume.
  • And choose a final keyword.

Write a high quality article and place a targeted keyword

After selecting keywords, and go to Free article submission sites list write a good article and use it in excess of 800 words. Google wants to give users accurate and clear answers. And to avoid any kind of fraud, google has done time to time changes with algorithms and keeps improving.

Do research and collect information Explore more research more make a unique content for your article. By inquiring about long tail keywords related to your picked subject, you’ll gather data, bits of knowledge and focuses that will keep your peruser fulfilled all through. The focuses you end up including should be firm; at the end of the day, they have to fit together so that you’re ready to plot your structure and set out your article limits, utilizing them as a premise. Composing a decent article is about communication. Imparting is about expectation, clearness and core interest.

Being Original Don’t use any kind of keyword spinner being original is always better, do not copy anything Google will catch you, and will reduce your value & ranking in Search Engine Result Page. So you have to careful with it don’t copy anything.

Easy Delivery with readable sentence It is a very effective part of this article, your article should be in easy and simple language so the user enjoys reading and understanding. Many people cannot impress users because they use complex grammar and compound sentences. You need to learn how to get the relevant information and to deliver it to users.

I hope it help you !